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Profil inscrit le 13-09-2017 URL:
Age:21 years
Couleur des cheveux:Roux, Longs
Grosseur de poitrine:Moyenne (B), Naturels
Conforme:Mince, Ultra sexy
Habitude de fumer:Ne fume pas
Langues:english (Conversation)
Disponibilité:Incall, Outcall
Services:OWO, CIM, CIF, COB, DFK, A-level, 69, PSE, GFE,
Acceptez-vous les trio? Non
Prix:  1H:220€
Téléphone:+33605564131 Viber, WhatsApp
Istructions d'appel:SMS please



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21/09 With photo Gulya_naiadNaiad-VIP-Paris
I haven`t met her
I haven`t met her
English numberfour

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Revue de Gulya_naiad (Naiad-VIP-escort) Look Service
Paris - 21 Septembre 2017
I haven`t met her
I haven`t met her
1 heure - 220€
Baiser: Non
Sexe: Non
Photos réeles?: Non
Brests: Natural
Sexe oral: Non
CIM: Non
Sex anal: Non
Extraball: Permis une seule fois
Room & Bathroom: Satisfactory
ARimming: Pas demandée
Hygiène: Douteuse
Dress Code: Non respecté
Temps social: Pas de temps social
Tatoo: Non
Type du RDV: incall
Commentaire (écrit en English):

I’ve confirmed my appointment for 1h with Gulya with operator and got the address.
I’ve arrived a bit early and did let them know that I’m ready, and will wait for her. They said ok, “she will pick you up in 5 min”.

And 5 min later they cancel the meeting due to some “unexpected issue”.

I’ve then asked if she will be avaliable next week and did not received any responce for one hour and counting, sadly.

I’m not sure she exist to be honest, she is a beautiful petite lady and still has no reviews.
Very dissapointed by Naiad

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