Ambassador Escort, Zurich/ Bern - 1 Evaluations
Pays: la suisse
Ville: Zurich/ Bern
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: 0041797608888        
Photos: Claires
Liste des membres: Non
International: Non

Les escortes dépendent de l’agence Ambassador Escort

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RDV city: Zürich
Photos fidèles? Oui
Les conditions de la rencontre? Oui
Les services promis ont-ils été honorés? Oui
Le prix est-il conforme? Oui
La communication avec l’agence Facile
Commentaire (écrit en English):

Mia von Allmen is the woman who runs the agency. She is clear, precise, extremely articulate and accommodating. She will do her utmost to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. her resources are considerable, for the 18 or so women she has on the site represent a small percentage of those to whom she has access.

She is both charming and has a certain fascination in and of herself, as evidenced in autobiography, written in German, which is, by all accounts, of more than average interest. i cannot imagine a more professional and discrete service. Here, i am thinking of someone comparable to Marcia of The Gallery, in London.

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